10-Hour General Industry Training (29CFR 1910.)


What is OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Training? 

Designed for entry level employees, ASC’s 10-Hour General Industry course is an orientation to occupational safety and health. Participants will learn OSHA’s best practices for reducing accidents and injuries, including fall protection, ergonomics, emergency evacuation plans, and the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Discussions include identifying major hazards one might encounter in general industry work and solutions for recognizing, controlling, and protecting themselves.

Participants will be educated on the employer’s responsibility for workplace safety, as well as the rights OSHA gives to all workers. Students will also learn how to file a complaint if their workplace isn’t living up to its safety obligations.

Who Should Take OSHA-10 General Industry Training? 

10-hour General Industry Outreach Training Program is intended to provide general awareness education on recognizing and preventing hazards in a general industry setting. The 10-Hour Course is also beneficial for employees in need of refresher training. Examples include employees in production, manufacturing, brewing facilities, automotive, warehousing, and distribution.

Participants will be introduced to OSHA policies, procedures, and standards as well as general industry safety and health principles and work practices covered in 29CFR 1910 -OSHA Standards for General Industry. Special emphasis will be placed on Client-specific workplace hazards.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will receive a Certificate of completion. OSHA 10-Hour General Industry DOL card will arrive within 6-8 weeks.


  • Recognize the OSH Act, the functions, and resources of OSHA
  • Become aware of the OSHA inspection priorities and describe the inspection process
  • Identify the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees under the OSH Act
  • Discuss the major hazards associated with general industry work and how to avoid, protect or control them. This includes:
  • Slips, trips, falls associated with walking and working surfaces
  • Effective Egress and fire protection program
  • Outline the general requirements for general safety standards
  • Flammable and combustible liquids and gasses
  • Hazards of chemicals
  • Electrical hazards
  • Recognize the value of personal protective equipment, usage, and limitations
  • Discuss the basic elements of a safety and health program 

OSHA DOL Cards & Certifications

Wallet Cards (Department of Labor cards) your card will be mailed to you after completing the Outreach Training course. Since 2016, these cards are made of durable plastic, so you can carry it with you to show employers or inspectors.

Certificates are issued immediately and act as proof that you completed the course before your wallet card arrives.