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ASC's Mission Statement

It is ASC’s Mission to provide engaging safety training and professional OSHA compliance consulting services that maximizes employer protection from costly citations & reduces the risk of employee injuries in the workplace.

The proven proactive approach to managing safety & health, by finding and fixing hazards before they cause injury or illness, contributes to the success of many Fortune 500 & small businesses alike. Companies with proven safety records are more likely to attract quality jobseekers than companies who disregard health and safety policies.

At ASC, we strive to educate employers on how continuous improvement is the key to establishing a workplace that can progress along the path to higher levels of safety & health compliance.

OSHA Compliance is more than just a Safety Binder; ASC creates a Safety Program for your company that will evolve as your business grows.

Employers, setting the example, and working with employees to renew & enhance commitment to safety and health has been proven to encourage a cooperative atmosphere between management & workers.

ASC’s Clients have reported that their workers’ compensation claims fell dramatically after implementing their Safety Program & following the guidelines set forth in their Safety Plan.

Last year alone:
• The average number of claims decreased by 52%
• The average cost per claim decreased by 80%
• Average lost time claim decreased by 87%
• Total # of claims decreased by 88%

What ASC’s Clients can expect:
• Improvements in quality of worker output
• Better workplace morale
• Improved recruitment and retention
• A more favorable image and reputation among customers, and the community

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