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Eliminate costly injuries to your bottom line with ASC.

Employers, are your people working safely every day & in compliance with OSHA regs?  If you aren’t sure, it could cost you big money or worse, your business.

OSHA issues citations regularly for expired PPE or unsafe materials, outdated safety procedures & inadequate safety plans.

A major violation often overlooked by employers? Employee Training Records.

Fines are costly, starting in the neighborhood of $13,000 due to worker hazard exposure.  And remember, “I didn’t know” gets zero traction in court when you’re trying to reduce OSHA fines & save your business.  

How can ASC keep that money in your pocket & you out of court, plus keep your team morale high & everyone working?  2 words- SAFETY TRAINING.  It all starts with people, those you put on the front line to get the job done & who look to you for guidance. Safety starts at the top!

ASC offers quality, engaging, never-boring, OSHA-Compliant Safety Training on a large variety of topics to ensure your people go home every evening in the same condition they walk in every morning. Bonus? Eliminate reportable injuries & watch your worker’s comp rates drop.  Contact ASC today!