Workplace Compliance

Your Most Critical Asset?

Engaged, motivated & properly trained employees will contribute to sustained safety hazard awareness in the workplace.

Employees who know their employers truly care about their safety leads to better worker performance, higher productivity & lower worker's compensation rates.

ASC also offers specialized training for supervisory staff on advanced safety program elements. Management will gain the knowledge needed to help prevent future accidents and injuries; how to conduct an effective accident investigation, how to properly perform a job hazard analysis, and other skills needed to adopt the culture of diligent workplace safety.

OSHA & other Services

ASC's experience will identify potential costly OSHA citations, provide corrective actions to remedy violations, ultimately leading to lower expenses and ultimately, maximized employee safety. 

ASC will help employers who are looking to get a handle on the state of their overall safety and health programs. On-site assessments can range from a basic OSHA compliance audit, which tells you how well you would fare in an OSHA inspection, to a comprehensive assessment of the advanced health and safety program elements.   

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